Rumyana Grozeva

Executive Director of the Agency for Regional Economic Development - Stara Zagora

Dr. Rumyana Grozeva is Managing Director of the Regional Economic Development Agency оf Stara Zagora and member of the Board of the industrial zone "Zagore". Doctor in economics from ERI of BAS. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of regional economics, management of projects with EU funding, targeted at different aspects of sustainable regional development in partnership with international institutions and organizations, government institutions, SMEs. Since 2018 is the Project Manager of De Carb Project (Interreg EUROPE), targeted at low-carbon economy transition




Energy Management Institute (EMI)

Energy Management Institute (EMI)

Member of Eurelectric

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Diplomatic Institute (DI)

Diplomatic Institute (DI)


National Energy Chamber (NEC) Institute of Energy of South East Europe