Ivanka Dilovska

Member of the Management Board of the Energy Management Institute

Mrs. Ivanka Dilovska has more than 40 years of extensive experience in energy economics as a key professional in designing, management, monitoring and evaluation of Bulgarian national energy policies and strategies, programs, projects and environmental impact issues.

She is highly proficient in the field of economic analyses and assessments related to energy, and, in particular, license regimes, pricing and tariffs setting and policy support schemes for power generation.

She has more than 15-year experience in senior management at the Energy Ministry with the core responsibilities in the elaboration of National Energy Strategies, the models for restructuring and liberalization of the Bulgarian energy sector and in the elaboration of necessary energy primary and secondary legislation, including Energy Law, RES Law and Law on Energy Efficiency. She actively participates in the monitoring process for the implementation and development of sectoral energy and environmental programs at the policy level.

Ivanka Dilovska is among the founders and the first Chair of the Management Board of the Energy Management Institute, holding that position from 2011 to 2014.



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