Aleksander Zagorov

Secretary of “Podkrepa” Labor Confederation

Mr. Aleksander Zagorov was born in Stara Zagora.

He is a second-generation mining engineer, with a Master’s Degree in Safety Engineering and a political scientist.

Mr. Zagorov holds a number of certificates from trade union academies, courses, training, etc.

He has extensive experience in health and occupational safety, ecology, standard management and corporate social responsibility.

Between 1996 and 2003, he was a president of the Miners’ Trade Union Federation at “Podkrepa” Labor Confederation, and subsequently a Confederate Secretary.

Mr. Zagorov represents the Bulgarian Trade Unions at the European Trade Union Energy and Climate Committee, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work at the European Commission, and is a member of a number of councils for social partnership and civil dialogue in Bulgaria.

In the course of his duties, he meets with people from all regions of the country, with workers from all types of sectors and people of various management positions. This has determined his way of addressing problems and seeking solutions both in European and national contexts.



Energy Management Institute (EMI)

Energy Management Institute (EMI)

Member of Eurelectric

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Diplomatic Institute (DI)

Diplomatic Institute (DI)


National Energy Chamber (NEC) Institute of Energy of South East Europe