General Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for participation in the conference

Please read thoroughly these Terms and Conditions as they govern the relationship between you and the organizer of the conference Energy Management Institute (EMI) in regard to your participation in the conference. Please note carefully that by being present at the conference, you clearly confirm that you agree to these terms and conditions and that you are aware that they are binding in respect to your relations with the organizer of the event EMI.

  1. Access to all event venues is only allowed for persons over the age of 18.
  2. EMI is obliged to provide the participants access to the Conference Event at Sofia Hotel Balkan, 5, Sveta Nedelya Sq., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria, except in the event of force majeure.
  3. Participants in the event are committed to adhering to the generally accepted standards of conduct on the hotel’s territory. Participants are not allowed to:
    1. Import weapons and all prohibited by law substances and objects.
    2. Import food and drink in the halls.
    3. Obstruct the normal conduct of the conference in any way and not interfere with other participants.
    4. Harm other persons, damage the venues and property in them, as well as the property located on the territory of the hotel.
  4. Participants have the right to attend the conference upon due registration on the conference website and confirmation on behalf of the organizer.
  5. All participants in the conference must be aware that by entering the conference venues they give their consent to be photographed and/or video or audio recorded by EMI and its affiliates. Participants must also be aware that EMI and its affiliates have the right to use all photographs and recorded video and audio footage from the event in regard to media coverage, promotions and other activities. If the participant does not wish to be subject to the foregoing, he/she should not enter the conference venues.
  6. According to the current European legislation on personal data protection, video recording is considered “processing of personal data”, as the records allow the identification of individuals. According to the guidelines of the Commission for Protection of Personal Data "Citizens must be informed by means of prominently displayed information boards about the use of technical means for monitoring and control of the site without specifying their location. In the event that they have not objected to the controller for the processing of their personal data, it is assumed that they have given their consent within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act to their personal data being processed by means of video control means.” With their presence at the conference, all visitors give their consent to EMI to make video recordings and by that to process personal data to the guests according to the objectives set out in Art. 5.


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Energy Management Institute (EMI)

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